ExtremeBeam M4 Scirrako Flashlight - Factory Refurbished*

While Supplies Last: Extreme Beam M4 Scirrako Flashlight - Refurbished* - Logo etched off and some minor scratches may be seen but it's operationally perfect! Only $29.99 for this flashlight...

While Supplies Last: Extreme Beam M4 Scirrako Flashlight - Refurbished* - Logo etched off and some minor scratches may be seen but it's operationally perfect! Only $29.99 for this flashlight normally sells for $59.95 and the best we could find online was on for 49.95.


Why are we selling them for so cheap? We bought these as a closeout sale from the original vendor. All flashlights have been factory refurbished and will have scratches and the logo etched off.

What you sacrifice in cosmetics is not sacrificed in performance. All of these flashlights have been inspected by our professionals and are in 100% perfect working condition. Plus with a 30 day return policy - you can't go wrong!


Whether you are a Hog-Hunter with a .50 cal or a Law-Enforcement professional the M4 Scirrako is the light for you. The MIL-SPEC M4 Scirrako, has stepped way beyond its previous years of models with its unbelievable 1090 ft range and tune-focusable LED beam. Its a Genuine Anti-Recoil, Weapon -mountable to .50 cal full-auto, Tactical Military and Law Enforcement Super light. The M4 Scirrako is known by many as the world's brightest military-grade light for under $300 and our refurbished option is only $29.99. This light was designed for full military service with its 24kt gold plated internal Anti-Recoil spring-pin system and has a double sealed Aluminum Hull.


Product Features:

  • Weight with 2, 3.0V batteries: 186 Grams (6.56 Ounce)
  • Total Length: 150mm (5.9 inches)
  • Head Bezel Width: 44.8mm (1.75 inches)
  • Main Body Width: 25.48 mm (1.0 inches)
  • Run-Time /set of batteries: 7/12 hours High/Low
  • Light Performance: 21,000/27,000 cd
  • Light Volume: 310 Lumens
  • Measured Range Light Projection: 333Meters / 1,090 Ft
  • Battery Type: 2, 3.0 to 4.2 voltCR123 batteries
  • Bulb Types available: High-Output tune-Focused LED
  • Water Proof / Dive Rated: IPX-8


Other Details:

  • These flashlights have been refurbished.
  • Some minor scratches may be seen.
  • Company logo has been etched off the flashlight.
  • Beside cosmetics these flashlights are in 100% operational condition and truly stand apart from other flashlights.
  • See Images for what to expect with logo etching.
  • Batteries NOT included.
  • Returns: Returns accepted for 30 days.
  • Inventory Levels are limited. This deal is first come first serve.

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