Why Shop With Us?

We know there are a lot of places to find food storage and other supplies, but check out this list and we think you’ll agree that Emergency Food and Supply is your best bet when it comes to shopping for food storage!

Lowest Prices – Guaranteed

We know how expensive good food storage can be, and we’re here to make it as wallet-friendly as possible. We promise to give you the absolute best price on all of our products (NuManna Food, Nutristore, Ready Supply Foods, Heavens Harvest, and more!). If you can manage to find a better deal out there, give us a call and we’ll do our very best to match it!

Free* and Fast Shipping

Worried about how much ordering all those pounds of food is going to set you back in shipping? Don’t! We offer FREE shipping on most of our products!  Some of the products that require shipping have a very small shipping fee as low as $4.95!

We also ship FAST. Your order will go out within 24 hours and be on your doorstep before you know it (typically about 3-5 days). We pride ourselves in our incredibly fast delivery!

Amazing Service

We’re here for you. Got a question about a product, or that order you just placed? Call and speak with one of our Food Storage experts no-one at EFS is commission based so you can trust that their recommendations are for your overall benefit and they are not looking to get a large sale. 

We also have around the clock online chat or email service so click on that small box at the bottom or shoot us an email – we always respond within 24 hours.

Knowledge You Can Trust

We have been in the food storage industry for years and have experts who know all of the ins and outs about what is important when it comes to food storage. We’ve researched all the options and food storage companies out there, including touring the facilities of all the products we offer, and have found the very best of what’s available to make your decision easier.  We simply wont sell something that we don't believe in.

Multiple Brands to Compare and Co-Mingle

Let's face it not all food storage is the same. That is why we have combined many brands into one easy place to shop.  For instance, one food storage company does great at fruit another has 100% organic options.  Don't limit yourselves to what only one company sells - buying food storage from multiple brands will not only keep your food storage fresh and interesting but you will likely have a much broader easy to use collection.  From NuManna Food to Nutristore we will have options that match what you are looking for!

Happy Shopping! 

We believe that we’re your one stop shop for all things emergency preparedness, so let’s get started! Find out how much food storage you need, then check out our line of Food Storage Products, and get informed about preparedness over at our blog.

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