Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Emergency Food and Supply?

We are a group of preppers just like you. We got so tired of every brand of emergency food touting how they are different or how they are the best that we decided to build a one stop shop with products we have tried tested and approve. We know the ins and outs about all of the various brands of food storage. You can trust recommendations from EFS. Give us a call

What products do you recommend? Why?

Right now we are high on NuManna and Heavens Harvest. They are both made here in the USA and have some of the best ingredients you can find in food storage. We have toured their facilities and tasted their food...It is excellent.  Both brands provide great REAL meat options to provide extra protein to your diet. You will not go wrong with either choice.

How fast will I receive my product?

In one word…FAST. We normally ship our products out within 1-2 business days. We ship via FedEx so after if ships from our warehouse you will see the product in 3-5 days (or sooner depending on where you live)

How much food storage do I really need?

This is an important question and one we get a lot. To help we created a page to help you calculate how much you really need. Check it out! Read our comprehensive food storage buying guide.

What kind of food storage do I need?

You want the kind of food that you enjoy and eat on a regular basis. Many food storage brands offer carb heavy food storage. However, you will want breakfast foods, REAL meat products, and even fruits and veggies. If you want to be able to grow your own food in a garden you may also want to buy an heirloom replanting seed kit.

How do I prepare the food?

It is quite easy. You will simply need to open the resealable Mylar bags, pour into bowl and add hot water. Let sit for approximately 15 minutes and your done! Specific instructions are normally found on the back of each pouch

Do you sell seeds?

We sure do! Check out Heavens Harvests Heirloom replanting seed kit. It’s the best one we’ve found, built to last!

What if I don’t like or don’t want some of the meals? Can I create a custom bucket?

This is a question we get often and the answer is: YES! However, we can only do this with the Safeguard food brand. Heavens Harvest and NuManna do not offer custom buckets.

How long does the food last?

The food storage we sell on site will last up to 25 years! That is among the industry top and very important. The real freeze dried meat buckets will last up to 15 years.

Do I really need food storage?

This of course is entirely up to you. As I’m sure you can imagine we are big believers in having and emergency food supply. It is important not only to prepare for natural disasters but things like job loss as well. With the economy we live in you can never tell when the next recession might hit. You will never regret having food storage should an emergency strike – But you just may regret not having enough.

Can I pay with a cashiers check or money order?

To speed up the process of getting the product to you we prefer accepting card. However, if you need to pay via cashiers check or money order we’re happy to oblige. Simply contact us and we’ll get the order started.

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