DuraFlo™ Water Filter Replacement

The DuraFlo™ Water Filter is used in the AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System and can treat 550 gallons. The DuraFlo™ filter has been put through certification and testing by independent laboratories to remove viruses,...

The DuraFlo™ Water Filter is used in the AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System and can treat 550 gallons.

The DuraFlo™ filter has been put through certification and testing by independent laboratories to remove viruses, bacteria, giardia, and 118 other  water borne toxins and chemicals.

"End of Life" testing for this filter was established at 550 gallons for the removal of viruses and was established at 700 gallons for the removal of bacteria, giardia and 118 water borne toxins and chemicals.

Sagan water filters meet or exceed United States EPA Water Quality Standards. Visit AquaVeritas.org for more information on the water filter you use.

The DuraFlo™ Water Filter Replacement works with any candlestick style water filters, such as Katadyn®, Aqua Pur®, Doulton® and the Berkey® water filter.

1.  Actual Testing of the filter to Failure:

The DuraFlo filter has been through “End of Useful Life” testing which simply means the filter has been challenged every 25 gallons with a new massive dose of all the contaminants the water filter manufacturer claims the water filter will remove, such as bacteria, virus and giardia/cryptosporidium. This testing process is repeated every 25 gallons until the water filter fails to meet the EPA Water Quality Standards – hence “End of Life”.

2.      DuraFlo Filter End of Life Test Results:

The DuraFlo filter was tested by an independent water laboratory until the filter failed to meet the EPA Standards for Micro water purifiers.

The EPA standards for removal of micro-organisms from water are shown in percentage reduction as well as the water quality standard of “Log reduction”

Bacteria: Virus: Giardia/Cryptosporidium
99.9999% 99.99% 99.9%
6 log reduction 4 log reduction 3 log reduction


The DuraFlo Filter achieved the EPA Standards for the stated number of gallons:

Bacteria: Virus: Giardia/Cryptosporidium
700 gallons 550 Gallons 700 Gallon

A copy of the lab report is available upon request.

3.  Drink Your Swimming Pool Water:

The DuraFlo filter was tested to remove the chemicals typically found in a non-salt water, residential swimming pool. It met the established standards for removal of the chemicals for up to 500 gallons.

4.  DuraFlo Filter Flow Rate:

The DuraFlo Filter flows up to 9.5 gallons per hour through a gravity fed system, or up to 45 gallons per hour as part of the AquaBrick Water Filter System.

Comparable flow rates for other gravity fed systems are about 1.75 gallons per hour, per filter.

5. The DuraFlo Filter is Extremely Durable:

The DuraFlo Filter can be:

  1. Frozen
  2. Dropped
  3. Stored for long periods.

You can also not over tighten the filter when installing it in the water container, which can happen with traditional “candle stick filters”.

Other types of “candle stick filters” which are typically made of carbon and/or ceramic, will crack if frozen or dropped which makes the filter unusable.

6. Storage of the DuraFlo Filter:

The DuraFlo Filter can be used and then stored for long periods of time. Simply rinse the filter off with clean water and allow it to dry.

Food Storage Shelf Life

Sealed Shelf Life

If not otherwise stated in product description the usual shelf lives of our products are:

25 Years* - Non-Meat Products

15 Years* - Meat Products

Opened and Re-Sealed Shelf Life

6-12 Months*

*Shelf life based on optimal storage conditions.

Proper Storage Guide

To reach the maximum shelf life, your food storage products should be stored in an environment with temperatures ranging between 55°-70° F.  Ideal storing conditions are in a cool, dark, dry environment where the product will be protected from moisture, oxygen, and sunlight.  Excellent storing locations are in (but not limited to) closets, under beds and in basements.  All stated shelf life is based on proper storage of your emergency food products.

Storing your freeze dried products in a location with extreme temperatures, high humidity or an area where oxygen, sunlight and/or moisture may contact your product, will decrease the shelf life.  After opening to consume, you should continue to store the product in optimal conditions with the white plastic lid secured or mylar bag resealed.  Limit the amount of time you allow your foods to be exposed to air and light, doing so will help maximize the opened food shelf life.

Protect Your Food Investment

Taking proper care of your food storage will help ensure you have great tasting, nutritious foods when a disaster or time of emergency strikes.  Our food storage products are designed for long-term storage.  By following proper storage guidelines, you can have the assurance that your food storage will keep its delicious taste and high quality for many years to come. 

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