5 reasons you should be a prepper

Really. Why? Why should you be a prepper? Aren’t they all crazy, paranoid hoarders that dream of living off-grid in the wilderness? That’s what makes the news, anyway, usually portrayed in the media as extremists to be kept at arm’s length. So, it might surprise you to realize that, in some ways, you may already be a prepper! Have you ever bought a few bottles of water, or stocked up on food “just in case” when a storm was coming? You can plan for the future without going overboard, and you don’t have to fear invasion to be ready for the unexpected.

You May Already Be A Prepper

The truth is, you may already be one. Many Americans grew up with parents that lived during the Great Depression. A large number of that generation hoards food, because it was scarce in those days. They grew and canned gallons of food every year and called it “putting up their living.”

Do you have a generator handy in case a winter storm knocks out power? Do you have extra fuel for that generator? See, it’s not abnormal to be prepared, it’s actually quite common. It’s just that normal, everyday people who prepare for disaster don’t make for good headlines. But incase you aren’t sold yet, here are 5 reasons you should consider being a “prepper” now.

1. Natural Disasters

Earthquakes, hurricanes, flash floods, tornadoes – all of these are why you should plan for emergencies. Whether you live where there are Tornadoes, Hurricanes, or Earthquakes homes and stores are suddenly destroyed, leaving hundreds or even thousands of people without food or water.. Small towns have been without potable water for days because of damage to the water treatment plants from tornadoes and hail storms. It doesn’t even take a natural disaster for that to happen. An area town was on a boil water notice because of an undetected malfunction of a scrubber in the water treatment plant.

If you live north of the Mason Dixon line, you have probably encountered days-long power outages due to ice storms. That’s why any sensible person will have a backup generator. Can’t get out of your driveway for days at a time? You’d better have some easy to prepare food on hand.

If you live south of the Mason Dixon line, you probably encounter hurricanes that can leave you isolated for weeks. Water and electricity all go down, leaving you without any support.

2. Electrical Grid

Ice and wind are two of the greatest enemies of our electrical grid, and there are very few states in this country that don’t have to contend with either of these natural elements. What happens with the power goes out? Your alarm clock doesn’t go off. Your automatic coffee maker doesn’t work. And your refrigerator quits. You know all of those “crock pot freezer meals” you prepared for the upcoming month? Unless you have a gas stove, those won’t get cooked, and they’ll spoil. You go to buy a can of gas for your generator, and find that everyone’s card readers are down, and sales are suspended.

It doesn’t take a natural disaster for this to happen, either. It can happen when computers malfunction or mechanical elements fail. That’s why you should be a prepper.

3. Danger from Rumored Wars / Or Civil Riots

Civil riots, however, have skyrocketed since the Ferguson, Missouri episode of 2014. Since that horrible day in August, there have been no less than 15 riots in major cities across the country. These riots resulted in shootings, stabbings, and other major injuries in all but 2 instances. These events left people isolated and unable to go to the grocery store, go to work, or to go about their daily lives with any semblance of normalcy.

Aside from Civil Riots the world is becoming more and more restless. Wars are inevitable and unavoidable it seems. There are many rumors or wars with Russia, ISIS, North Korea, or other extremists but whether there is another large war or not having a food storage supply will help you survive and keep your family safe.

4. Financial Setbacks

Great Recession Graph

Do you have disability insurance? If so, you are in a good place. Many people had to give up luxuries such as life and disability insurance in the Great Recession of 2008. If a family member becomes unable to work, simply loses their job, or there is another large recession, you could lose everything. Why is it always “all or nothing?” At least if you are prepared for your income to be compromised, you’ll be able to use your limited income to keep your mortgage and utilities paid. That’s why it’s so important to have a 3 month supply (or more) of survival foods in one of the closets. Staying away from the grocery store will keep you financially afloat until the market recovers or a new job is found.

5. Personal Responsibility

It’s simple really. No one else is going to prepare for you. Take charge of your life and future and get the necessary supplies to survive an emergency. Do you want to have to count on the government’s largesse if you’re in a bind. If you’re going to eat MREs for a week, you won’t have to stand in line at a FEMA trailer and wait for a handout. Did you know that the federal government can’t send aid until the state governor asks for it? And then, if you need housing or food, you are limited to whatever the government has available.

You can take responsibility for taking care of your own family. You can plan for my family’s basic needs, and be prepared to face any reality. You don’t have to be scared or paranoid when your simply practical. You don’t have to have an entire basement full of doomsday supplies. Why should you be a prepper? Because it’s your job – not someone else’s. Besides that, it’s pretty cool to not have to be part of the mob at the grocery store every time an ice storm is predicted out here on the plains.

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