You know you need to prep. Maybe you’ve already got some things going and want to ramp up your storage. Maybe you’ve never done any prepping before, but now you’re ready to take the plunge and start getting it all together. But what if the rest of your family needs a little (or a lot) of convincing? What if your enthusiastic plans are met with indifference, or even outright resistance? Then read on! We’ll discuss how to help your family get on board with a food storage plan - and keep the peace too. 

The most important thing to solving the issue of getting everyone on board is to open up communication first. Sometimes, especially if we feel very passionately about prepping, we might launch into all the reasons it’s a great idea, all our grand plans, and how wonderful it will be when we’re prepared for anything. But all that won’t help until we find out why our family isn’t on board in the first place. Decide together on a time to discuss the issue thoroughly, and then ask what reservations your spouse or family have, and calmly (and without interrupting!) listen to their answers. Whatever the problem is, there is probably a way to solve it that will work for both of you. You may have to give a little, but that’s okay. The key is to do what you can that works for everyone. And prepping can actually be a lot of fun if we see it as a project to work on together, rather than one person’s obsession. Get to that place together, and you’ll have a much easier road to travel.

Below we’ve listed the three most common objections to prepping, and solutions to work around them. But remember to do all your listening first before jumping into the solutions! If you have an attitude of “We can figure this out together”, you’ll be a lot more successful in getting everyone on board. The great thing is that almost everyone can agree that disaster could strike, and that being prepared for that is a good thing. Start from whatever common ground you have, and move from there.

Objection #1: We don’t have the space for all this stuff!

Food Storage Buckets

Sometimes, when people think about food and water storage, they imagine gigantic bunkers filled with huge stacks of buckets, barrels of water, and shelves and shelves full of food. And while that may be your ideal, you have to work with the space you have. The good news is that there are a lot of storage solutions available in almost any living situation, you just have to get creative! 

The first thing to realize is that you don’t need to keep all your food storage in one room. Look around, and you’ll find a ton of great storage areas all over your home. Walk around the house together, like it’s a treasure hunt, and find those hidden storage areas together. It may be under beds, an under-used closet, that back part of the pantry, or a corner of the laundry room. Most food storage buckets stack great and do a fantastic job of utilizing space effectively. You can even take storage and turn it into a table with a decorative covering to keep it from being an eyesore. This might be a great time to see if you’re using all the space in your house effectively. How much could you fit in a closet or under a bed if you simply did that de-cluttering that you’ve been meaning to get to anyway? Be the first to volunteer to get rid of some of your old stuff, and you might just find all the room you need!

Objection #2: How are we going to pay for all this?

Break things down into baby steps. You can start with just 40 or 50 dollars a month and still accomplish a lot. Many food storage options are actually quite cost-effective per serving. Plus, once you have some storage in place, and use and rotate it regularly, you’ll actually start saving money, because you’ll have a lot of essentials on hand, especially if you store foods you already eat and buy in bulk when you can. This is also a great solution for the “we don’t have the time” argument. Start gradually and work up to it all.  

If you have a fixed budget to work with each month you can also purchase food storage on a subscription.  Most products at Emergency food and supply can be purchased on a monthly basis.  Simply choose your bucket, select in what intervals you want to receive the product and let us do the rest!  Each month (or whatever interval you select) we will bill your card and ship out your buckets.  It is a great way to gradually build your food storage supply without breaking the bank upfront.

emergency food subscription

Objection #3: I don’t like “food storage” food.

Maybe your family has a misconception that “food storage” only means buckets of wheat and rice, MREs, and bottled water. Share with them that you’d hate living off only that, too! Explain that when you say “food storage”, it encompasses everything from an extra can of spaghetti sauce, to brownie mix, delicious meals, and more. Your storage should always consist of food that you regularly enjoy. This might also be a perfect opportunity to learn to make your own bread, use dry beans, or try a glass of milk made from powder. You might be surprised how great your food storage can actually taste! Buckets of dried fruits and veggies are also great and add a tasty variety to your storage.

Good Tasting Food Storage

An overarching theme for most of these solutions is to start small. You may be ready and willing to go all-out right now, but if that doesn’t work for everybody, you may have to reign in your enthusiasm a bit. Doing a little at a time is better than running against a full-on wall of resistance and not being able to do anything. Do you what you can. Most likely, your family will end up catching the bug and they’ll be right there with you in no time. Be patient. Be kind. Be realistic. And in the end, you’ll end up being what you want to be – prepared.

At Emergency Food and Supply, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to build a great food storage plan! Start here and we’ll help you get everything you need!

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